13 July 2009

Cue the music

Cue the music - 'cause I'm dancing. A genealogy Happy Dance, that is.

I've never fully understood why many researchers write off online family trees. Sure, take everything with a grain of salt.... or a whole can of salt. But, I've had a lot of success over the years with online trees - at ancestry.com, rootsweb, myheritage, etc. I've found quite a number of well researched trees that match my research and help to further it. Today, I once again found success with online trees.

I was searching for my earliest proven Craft ancestor, Willis Craft (1809-1874, Elbert Co., GA) on Ancestry.com. Under the "Photos" tab I saw a photo of his grave posted. I already had a photo of Willis' grave, but decided to explore the family tree that the photo was attached to. And I'm glad I did! Attached to the tree were quite a good amount of photos for my ancestors. For the first time, I saw pictures of my Great-Great-Great Grandmother, my Great-Great Grandparents and my Great Grandfather's siblings.

I've sent off an email to the owner of the tree and hope that they reply. Here are some of the photos they have posted. They are linked back to where I found them.

(1) Rossie E. Craft, (2) George & Effie Craft
(3) Lamar, Bennie, Claud, Denver, Paul, George Robert, Jr.

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Thomas MacEntee said...

Congratulations Valerie! And you are correct in warning everyone to consider the source but not to shy away from online family trees!


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