19 July 2009

Buried Nearby

I just did a search on FindAGrave.com, looking for any new listings for Albea ancestors. I found something new - though it's apparently been there for three years!

My maternal Grandfather's Uncle, Melvin A. Albea died in Barrow County, GA in 1963, followed by his wife, Elsie (Lindsay) Albea in 1992. Barrow County is next door to where I live in Gwinnett, so the fact that I have little information on Melvin and Elsie's lives are due to laziness on my part. I should have already looked up their obituaries at the library and found their graves. Well, I've been lazy and hadn't gotten to it yet. But, with a quick search on FindAGrave, I found their graves, photo included. Yay!

Now, considering the local vicinity, I thought it might be a good idea to visit the cemetery and see if there were any other relatives buried there. So, a quick look at google maps and.... I realized that I've driven past this cemetery at least 50 times! It's five minutes from my sister's house! I really should stop being so lazy with the easy to research relatives...

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