24 July 2009

He lived -31 Years

I'm transcribing death certificates for FamilySearchIndexing right now. The put out a new project of 1930s Georgia death certs. They haven't had a GA project in a long time, so I hopped at the chance to help with this one.

So, I'm transcribing. Some are easy to read, some are hard to read. Some are in cursive, some in print and others typed. I come across one for Francis Gallo. This one's interesting! He's from Italy and died at "The Little Sister of the Poor," and was born in May 1961. Wait... these are all 1930 deaths! Checking death date.... yup, 1930! This man lived negative 31 years! It's a miracle! Or, I guess it's a typo... but a miracle sounds like more fun.

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