About Valerie

     I became interested in Genealogy during a college geography class. We had a choice of term projects, one of which was to trace our family tree and show how our families were influenced by geography.  I immediately discarded this project, as I didn't even know the names of my Great-Grandparents. My mom, on the other hand, became very excited by the project and insisted that I could do it. With the help of my mom and the internet, I ended up with a 100, A+ :) on my paper. Ever since, I've been engrossed in family history research.

      I'm very excited about the growth of DNA testing in genealogy and have been testing relatives as often as I can afford. I have found a number of new cousins via DNA testing and hope to be able to push back my Craft and Albea family lines using DNA.

      One of my favorite aspects of genealogy is old family photos. I've always enjoyed taking photos, and my research has introduced me to finding photos. I was surprised to find that my grandparents all had photos of their ancestors, be it one generation or many. I love going through these photos and seeing my ancestors in their own time and place. A photo of an ancestor really helps me to feel connected to them.

       Also appearing on this blog on occasion are my mother and sister. While neither of them are normally involved in the actual research aspects of my genealogy, they have been very supportive and interested in my findings.


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