25 July 2009

Fixin' Up Bunny

When I was a kid (around 10 years old?) my Grandmama made me and some of my cousins stuffed dolls. I got a stuffed rabbit. Being a kid, I named her Bunny. She was very pretty, with a green dress (my favorite!). I remember displaying her on the end of my bed during the day and cuddling with her at night. She was a very handy doll to cry on when I was upset.

Over the years, her condition became.... less than desirable. Mom took her, saying she'd fix it up. I didn't see Bunny for years. Recently, I asked about her and my mom pulled her out of her room, where she'd left her. This photo does not do justice to the dirt she was covered in:

she's well loved

But, a little "surgery" to close up that chest wound and a bath can do wonders...

sewing her up She's getting a bath

But, as you can see, she was still missing an arm. Now, over a year later, mom found the arm! Bunny sure looks happy to have her arm back! Now they just need to be sewn back on! Also - where'd her dress go?

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