24 November 2008

DNA again

I've sent off for another DNA test - this time for myself. I saw on Family Tree Magazine's Insider Blog, that FamilyTreeDNA & MyHeritage had hooked up and were offering discounted DNA tests. I was able to get a mtDNAplus test for $50 off. It arrived in the mail today.

present for myself

10 November 2008

who cares about Mac users?

Who cares about Mac users? Not Ancestry.com!


Them: "Valerie, Lonnye, and Terri, we love our mac users. The “why” for each case is different, and complicated, and probably not something we’re willing to share. Rest assured there is no anti-mac conspiracy raging or even simmering here. These are practical business decisions, and we’re honestly trying to do our best for all customers."

Me: "I don’t think that there’s a conspiracy - I just think you don’t care about us and you’re not hiding it. None of your responses have done anything to reassure me that you are working to do the best for *all* customers. It’s in your wording - “not willing to share.” Not that you *can’t* explain yourselves, but that you *won’t*. Ignoring your mac users will save you money in development costs and you just don’t get enough flack to make it worth your while. I can’t think any better of this company unless they are willing to give a valid explanation. And I’m not about to download an application to my computer that isn’t supported and might bug out other programs - aside from the basic fact that I don’t use firefox. Well, my subscription is up in February - I think I’ll take my $300 a year elsewhere unless you can learn to better respect your customers. (this decision also based on new search and a lack of new records in areas of personal interest)"


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