10 July 2009

A Special Note, from Ancestry

Every time I log on to Ancestry.com I see the light blue banner at the top of the page: there's a "special note" "about site improvements." Ancestry wants to let members know about the new stuff and the changes that they are making. This note pertains to announcements they've already made, and serves as a reminder about what's coming: member connect, new image viewer, changes to their trees, and profession genealogist services.

Thanks for the reminder.... that you announced these changes a long time ago and haven't made them live yet! What can I say, I'm impatient! :) It's been over two months since some of these changes were announced - over and over again - and only the new trees are live. Why announce these things so far in advance and then wait forever to put them out?

Based on previous changes they've made, there will be a lot of back-lash against the changes anyway - whether or not the changes are good or bad. So, part of the wait is, I assume, a chance to forewarn folks about the changes. But come on already, let us see what you've got!

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