07 July 2009

Found: A Cousin in a Yearbook

I've finally found success with Ancestry.com's U.S. School Yearbook's database. I've searched this database before with no success, but today I noticed it was "updated." So, I decided to see if I could find anything of interest to me. I started browsing and saw that there were two yearbooks listed for Greenville, Greenville, SC in a time span that would apply to my mom's cousins.

So I searched for my 1st cousins, once removed, and had success with the younger one. I found "Cousin Jim" quite quickly - though I didn't recognize him. I called mom over and she verified that the boy in the photo was her cousin. He's pictured as a sophomore in his class photo and again with his football team. (I also learned from my mom that my older cousin did not attend high school in Greenville, so I stopped looking for him there.)

(Wade Hampton High School Yearbook - 1976. Vol. 16, (Greenville, SC), Pg 216.)

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Ruby Craft said...

Yep! That's my cousin Jim. Look at that natural blond hair. Same color as when he was little! We always loved when he came over to play. He was a just little younger than us and his only brother was a lot older. There were 6 of us, so he really enjoyed having so many cousins to play with and always seemed to think whatever we suggested was a great idea.


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