28 July 2009

Grandmama's Rings

Grandmamma's Rings

The are my Grandmama's Wedding Rings. Betty (Huyler) Albea had two sets: an original set and a replacement set.

She received the original set in 1947 when she married her husband, Roy. The story goes that when Roy proposed, he did so by giving her money for a marriage license, "and she took it!" I'm not sure when she received the replacement set, but I think it could have been during the '80s. There are a number of Kay Jewelers receipts for "diamonds" dated from the mid 1980s.

(on the right photo, her ring can be seen - click for larger view)

My Grandmama left the rings to my mom and divided the rest of the the jewelry between my mom and my aunt. Both Roy and Betty died in the fall of 2005. When my sister was married in 2006, she wore Grandmama's engagement ring. Grandmama had a slight build, and the ring only fit on my sister's pinky finger.

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