I'm attempting to use DNA to help trace my Genealogy. I have tested personally with both Family Tree DNA and 23andMe, both mtDNA and FamilyFinder/Relative Finder tests. I have also tested my father, mother and two maternal uncles. I'm currently waiting on results for a cousin. Here are our results so far:

Craft Family:
     Y-DNA Haplogroup: G2a3b1a2 (details on this group)

                   M201+ L43-       
     Locations: Granville County, NC & Elbert County, GA
     Y-Search ID: 4MXWX

     Tested by: Family Tree DNA

Albea Family:
     Y-DNA Haplogroup: R1b1a2a1a1b3 
                   U152+ P312+ L51+ U106- M160- M126- L4- L257- L21- L2- L176.2- L157.2-
     Locations: Maryland, Iredell County, NC, and Lincoln County, GA
     Y-Search ID: 5FGKY
     Tested by: Family Tree DNA & 23andMe

Waters Family:
    Y-DNA Haplogroup: R1b1a2a1a1
     Locations: Georgia
     Y-Search: B6NJG
     Tested by: Family Tree DNA

Belk Family:
     Y-DNA Haplogroup: R1b1a2
                   P310+ U152- U106- P312- M228.2- M160- M126- L4- L21- L20- L2- L196- 
                   L188- L176.2- L165- L164- L159.2- L148- L1- 
     Locations: North Carolina, Alabama
     Tested by: Family Tree DNA

My mtDNA:
     mtDNA Haplogroup: U5a1b1
     Surnames: Albea, Huyler, Waters, Smith, Garman, Yancy
     Locations: Milton and Fayette Counties, GA
     Mito Search ID: JQ3QA
     Gedmatch Kit: F139787
     Tested by Family Tree DNA and 23andMe

Maternal Grandfather's mtDNA:
     (via Grandfather's sister)
     mtDNA Haplogroup: H3
     Surnames: Albea, Witt, Quattlebaum, Dorn, Ouzts/Utz, Timmerman, Clegg
     Locations: Greenwood and Edgefield Counties, SC
     Gedmatch Kit: M212019
     Tested by 23andMe

Paternal Grandfather's mtDNA:
     (via paternal cousin)
     mtDNA Haplogroup: J1c2c
     Surnames: Craft, Evans, Craft (again), McCurley, Shiflet, Hudson
     Gedmatch Kit: M224732
     Tested by 23andMe


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