03 February 2009

thanks... i guess

Ancestry.com's blog has a new post about their site being down last Saturday from 3 - 9 a.m. eastern - three days ago.  I know that they've taken a lot of flack for their lack of communication and hard to work with tech support - and I've noticed that they've been working toward better communication via their blog in regards to this. I applaud them for their efforts and hope they continue.  

But seriously, it's been three days - does it matter at this point? Not really.  If they don't post blogs like this within 24 hours (some might say much less time) it becomes irrelevant.  It just reminds subscribers of recent technological issues that ancestry.com has been experiencing.  For example, I didn't even know the site was down at the time, but now, three days later, I know that the site was messed up again.  And, it says to me: "we didn't worry about/forgot about it until now."  On the other hand, if they'd have posted this while the site was down or just after it came up, it would appear as a note to say, "we're on top of things, you can trust us to fix it asap."

Honestly, my subscription expires on February 28th and I've already canceled.  Things like this - though very minor I admit - don't encourage me to renew. 

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