09 February 2009

iGene Awards, The Best of The Best!

For the Carnival of Genealogy, here are my self nominated Best of the Best blog posts of 2008.

• Best Picture - Posted in April of 2008, the post, True Love, features a photo of my Granny and Pawpaw when they were a young couple. My Pawpaw carried a copy of the photo in his wallet at all times.

Best Screen Play - Posted in May of 2008, the post, Interviewing Mom, includes three stories from my mom.  My favorite, "The Chinaberry Tree," details a childhood adventure in which her siblings almost killed each other playing "Sheriff."

Best Documentary - Posted in May of 2008, the post, Archival Preservation, details my initial findings on the best ways to preserve and care for documents and photos.

Best Biography - Posted in September of 2008, the post, My Great-Aunt Ollie, is a partial biography.  Although not a complete description of her life, she wins for being unique among my ancestors.

* Best Comedy - Posted in July of 2008, the post, photo stories, contains a two series of photos that are just too cute.

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