13 February 2009

Squee! (aka Happy Dance)

I've been emailing with my 1st Cousin, twice removed (thank you cousin chart), Sandra.  She's been very helpful in providing me stories about our ancestors, Leveret and Louise Waters.  I don't have a lot of family stories, as my Grandmama's didn't talk about her childhood and family much.  Sandra was my Grandmama's younger cousin and has a lot of information about the family (but we'll save that for Monday Memories).

One really squee worthy thing that she has shared with me: She has Leveret's and his son LC's musical instruments!  The entire family was very musical and was related through marriage to Fiddlin' John Carson and Chris Bouchillon - both well known in their time in the country music industry.  It's great to know that their instruments survived and are being well cared for.  I must admit to being jealous. Sandra was kind enough to send me photos.

Leveret Waters' fiddle
Leveret's Fiddle
Leveret Waters' banjo
Leveret's Banjo
LC's harmonica and case
LC's harmonica
LC Waters' Guitar
LC's guitar 

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Professor Dru said...

Wow! This is a goldmine.


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