09 February 2009

Monday Memories - The Tornado

No audio this week.  This story is from my Aunt June Partain and takes place in Elbert County, Georgia, sometime between 1943 and 1947.
"Mama and Daddy [Sarah (Britt) and Thomas Craft] had been to the movies and were on their way home. They saw the bad weather and thought it was a tornado. When we got home Daddy handed me to Mama and she got under the bed. Daddy had Charlotte and did not have time to get under anything. Mama said the next thing she remembered she was outside in the rain. She felt me and I was sticky and she thought it was blood and I was dead. Then I started crying. None of us were hurt.. The house had been lifted off it's foundation and was a total loss. They started walking (I do not know where they were going) Charlotte told me that Mama told her that she was barefoot and there was glass everywhere and she did not get cut (seems God was looking out for all of us). Mama told me they were walking past a house and this woman was screaming that her baby was dead. Mama was going to stop, but Daddy said they needed to keep going, there was nothing they could do. Also, a 17 year old boy who lived in that area was paralyzed from the waist down. His name was "Punk" Seawright. As an adult he had a jewelry shop in Hartwell. Mama and Daddy and Troy and I would take our watches to be cleaned by him. That was before battery operated watches."

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