28 February 2009

Adiós Ancestry.com

As of today, I am no longer an Ancestry.com subscriber. I've been subscribing for over three years - and will probably be a subscriber again in the future - but right now I need a break. There are a few reasons:
  • Price. Does anyone have any money right now? Mine's better spent elsewhere right now.
  • Versatility. Ancestry has a great selection of databases, but they don't have everything. I hope that by not being able to access ancestry.com I'll expand my research into areas that I've yet to try.
  • Favoritism. Could ancestry.com ignore it's mac users a little more? Not by much!
  • Bugs. There are a ton of bugs in ancestry.com's search functions. They are aware of many of these but fail to do anything about them.
  • New Search. Don't like it and don't like how it was implemented or ancestry.com's "why don't you love it? You better get used to it." attitude about it.
Overall I think that ancestry.com is a great resource. I'll be back, but I need a break.

1 comment:

Professor Dru said...

Everybody needs a break sometimes. Best wishes in exploring new genealogical resources.


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