10 February 2009

a favorite photo

albea grandkids

I really love this photo.  There are so many memories that it brings back.  It was taken in my grandmother's back yard and includes most all of my cousins on my mom's side of the family.  I'm either the little girl sitting on the ground or the one being held by my brother (mom, if you read this let me know).  

When I was a little girl, we went over to my maternal grandparent's house every Sunday.  Just about everyone was there.  We would eat dinner around 3pm and stay until dusk.  My cousins and I played in one of the bedrooms or outside.  The backyard was large and there were a variety of toys to play with.  I was very close to some of my cousins and regret that we have grown apart.

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Ruby Craft said...

I Love This Picture. And yes Valerie I do believe that is you sitting on the ground and Allen is holding Sarah. As this picture shows, It is not always easy getting this many children in one picture at the same time all sitting still and looking at the camera and smiling. It was very rare for your Aunt June or me to miss a Sunday. Your Grandmama had such a big back yard and y'all always had such fun running around and playing...never a dull moment!


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