27 February 2009

Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces

The surname genealogy meme, started at GeneaBlogie

Surnames & Locals:
Albea - Georgia (Lincoln), South Carolina (Greenwood, Greenville)
Barfield - Georgia (Emanuel, Burke)
Boatright - Georgia (Emanuel, Burke)
Craft - Georgia (Elbert, Hart), South Carolina (Anderson)
Dorn - South Carolina (Edgefield, Greenwood)
Farr - Pennsylvania (Tioga), England
Hyler / Huyler / Hoyler - South Carolina (Lexington)
Leaphart - South Carolina (Lexington)
Powell - Georgia (Elbert, Hart)
Quattlebaum - South Carolina (Edgefield, Greenwood)
Waters - Georgia (Cobb, Milton, Fulton, Rockdale)
Smith - Georgia (Milton, Fulton, Rockdale)

Most Wanted Ancestor:
Parents of Leveret Wat(t)ers (b. 1881, Cobb County, GA)


Greta Koehl said...

I see you have Crafts from Anderson Co., South Carolina. That's where my Moores and Lewises are from and one of my top research areas. SC upcountry is a great place to research.

Greta Koehl said...

Forgot to mention in my previous comment - do you have a copy of the Anderson County Heritage book? There are a couple of articles on the John Marion Craft family and a number of mentions of Crafts in other articles.


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