02 February 2009

Monday Memories - The Beatles

An audio story from mom

"When I [Ruby] was prob'ly around 9 years old, um, the Beatles came to Atlanta [1965]. And your Aunt June wanted to, um, see them. And, uh - but Daddy said 'no' and aunt Marie had even said that she would, you know, buy the tickets and stuff. But, Daddy said 'no' - Daddy couldn't stand the Beatles. 

And, um, so your Aunt June came up with this idea with your Uncle Charlie that, um she would... she was gunna go see the Beatles. Oh, well they were... I don't know how old they were. So... older than me. So, anyway, um, the thing is that me and, uh, your Aunt June shared a bedroom. So she decided that she was gunna bribe me into not telling Mamma and Daddy that she wasn't in bed. 

You know, I prob'ly wouldn'ta thought to tell 'em anyway, but she decided to bribe me. So, she told me that I could have her Barbie doll if I didn't tell that, um, Aunt... that she didn't go to bed and, um, because she was sneakin' out. So I didn't tell. So, I went to bed. 

Then, the, um... what happened was they did actually go... they made it all the way to Downtown Atlanta and the police picked 'em up and, uh, ended up bringin' 'em home. And there was a big, big, big, big, row about it. 

But, um, the next day, um, whenever I went to get my new Barbie doll to play with, your aunt June said I couldn't have it. And I said, 'why?' And she said, 'well, because we didn't get to see the Beatles.' And I said, 'no, that wasn't the deal. The deal was that if I didn't tell, I got the Barbie doll.' So, I went and told Mamma because June wouldn't give me the Barbie doll. I was cryin' and she said, 'what's wrong,' and so I told her. 

And, uh, I don't remember for sure, but I think Mamma.... I guess I'm sorta lucky she didn't get mad at me for not telling, but she got mad at June for telling - you know, for telling me I could have the Barbie dolls and then not giving 'em to me. And I think I got the Barbie dolls - I'm not sure. But, maybe I didn't get the Barbie dolls, but I got Barbie dolls that year for Christmas. So, I finally got my Barbie dolls. But, uh, it was... it was somethin... but your Aunt June and your Uncle Charlie were just determined that they were gunna get to see the Beatles. I think she was gunna go see 'em off at the Airport or somethin' but they got caught. And that's the Beatles story.”

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