01 November 2010

I'm Going Too! [Guest Blogger]

     Hello! My name is Sarah (Valerie's sister). I don't have any experience with genealogy besides watching Valerie research for the past seven plus years. However, I am going to go with her to the Atlanta Family History Expo. So, I thought I would write a little bit about my thoughts and expectations.

     Although I don't do any research of my own, I follow Valerie's genealogy research. I find any pictures, physical documents and artifacts especially interesting. 

     When I got married Valerie began documenting my husband’s family tree. Much of the information was there already, but she was able to fill out the information a little more with documents and records. Recently she made a family tree for me though Ancestry.com. You can also see some other pictures on the table below which include some pictures of my parents and grandparents.

     So, given my interest in history and genealogy (but not doing the research myself) I am attending the Atlanta Family History Expo with Valerie as a sort of assistant. I want to help her take notes and keep track of any information she obtains. When there is more than one class that she wants to go to, I will be able to go to those for her. Maybe help her live blog from the Expo. I also hope to help her mingle and network with other genealogists. 

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Family History Expos said...

Welcome to the Atlanta Family History Expo, guest blogger Sarah! We're glad you're coming. You're pretty awesome to help your sister out like that. We promise that you'll have a great time. Do stop by the blogger area in the exhibit hall and say hi to all the bloggers. See you soon!


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