01 November 2010

Interviewing the Aunts, Pt 1 - Amanuensis Monday

     This is short video from last Friday's interview with my paternal Aunts, June and Charlotte. In this segment, they talk about where the family lived when they were children, as well as some of the amenities they did - and did not - have. If you have any trouble understanding what they're saying, I've posted a transcript below the video.

Charlotte: The reason is, we lived on the line, the county line. 
Valerie: Ok
Charlotte: And I think the house was half and half. And the bedroom half was in Hart County [Georgia]. Somethin' about - like that. So my birth had to be registered in Hart County. 
Valerie: Ok
Charlotte: But we actually lived in the Rock Branch Community down in Elberton. And, always, we lived several different places. Like, we lived - uh, like when I was born it was only a two room house. We lived in several little two room houses that Daddy [Thomas Craft] rented. And then Daddy started renting the farm from Uncle Claude, and then eventually bought it. 
Valerie: Oh, ok.
Charlotte: But he didn't own it long before he sold it and he - we moved to Stone Mountain [Georgia]. When I was seven [1948] And - and it was me and June and Wayne then. And uh, uh... So I remember when we lived in the house with Aunt Frances [Craft Adams].
Valerie: Ok
Charlotte: It was a big house and she - they lived in half and we lived in half. 'Cause I gave everybody measles and chicken pox. 
Valerie: [laughing]
Charlotte: All the kids. And uh, uh... So, lets see, there was at that time - like I said there was three of us and Aunt Frances -  I think she had three at that time.  But yeah, it - you know - And I remember we lived in the house with them and then we moved to what you call a shotgun house. Just a little long house. It was a little bit bigger than two rooms. Um, then we moved from there - I don't remember what  - June won't probably remember what road that was on. We moved there to Huff - what was then Huff Road, which has since been renamed to somethin' else. 
Valerie: Oh, ok.
Charlotte: And, and we lived on Huff Road 'til I was in eighth grade. I was 13 I think. 12 or 13. 13. And we moved to Tucker [Georgia].
Valerie: Ok.
Charlotte: 'Cause Mama and Daddy promised - they - we knew what they were lookin' for a house. I mean, we lived in this house... uh, it... when we moved there we had no water. Daddy had - Daddy would take big trash cans - the big metal cans - and go up to the store and fill 'em up with water. Then Papi [maternal grandfather, Nathan Britt] built-dug a well in between us and the neighbors so we could both use it. And then eventually we got running cold water into the kitchen of the house. But we had no bathrooms.
Valerie: And this is on Huff Road?
Charlotte: Huff Road.
Valerie: Ok
Charlotte: June! What's Huff Road called now?
June: Spring Vally I think it is...
Valerie: Spring Vally?
June: Yeah
Charlotte: And all we had was...
June: Somethin' Vally
Charlotte: All we had was a path up the hill to the outhouse. 
June: Yeah
Charlotte: So I was 13 and June was 11 before we had a house with, with an inside bathroom when we moved to Tucker. 
June: Mama was pregnant with Kenny...
Valerie: Ok, ok.
June: ...when we moved to Tucker.  
Charlotte: Yeah, he was born in - when we lived in Tucker. I think she went back to Stone Mountain to have him though.
June: Yeah, she did.
Valerie: He, he said he was born in a hospital. 
June: Uh-hu
Charlotte: Yeah, the little white hospital up on the hill then. 
June: No, uh - the only time I remember me and Charlotte fussin' about who was goin' to wash dishes was the day we got runnin' water in the kitchen. You remember that? 

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S. Lincecum said...

Awesome! I love the combination of the photos with the interview.


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