12 November 2010

Welcome to Gwinnett

     Just a quick 'Hello!' to everyone who plans to attend the Atlanta Family History Expo today and tomorrow in my home county of Gwinnett. I think this is going to be a great event, both fun and educational. I'll be attending with my mom and sister, both of whom follow my research and will help me on occation. I'm also looking for a few of my co-workers to swing by. For any new folks I meet, I appologize in advance for immediately forgetting your name and which blog you write... sorry, I've got a terrible memory!

     For those of you interested in following the expo via the internet, I recommend that you follow the twitter hashtag #FHExpo. Also, check out the Lanyrd event here (I'm not too familiar with this site, but it already looks awesome). Depending on how my day goes, I will be tweeting (@ValerieC84) and I might be doing some quick live blogging. I will more likely do a post a the end of the day.

    See you soon!

1 comment:

Family History Expos said...

Thank you for being our source for local info. We're glad to have you here!


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