15 November 2010

100 Batches Indexed

    Yesterday I indexed a few batches with FamilySearch Indexing. A little later I was checking my email and noticed that I had received a message from them. Apparently, I had indexed my 100th batch! Here's part of the email I received:

Dear Valerie,
    You have reached a significant and rare milestone: the completion of your 100th batch with FamilySearch indexing. The completion of your 100th batch places you into an exclusive group of top indexing volunteers. We want to thank you for your ongoing efforts and recognize this significant achievement.
    Your efforts, combined with the efforts of other volunteers, have now made more than one billion records available online at FamilySearch.org, where they are accessed by people around the world who are searching for their ancestors. Each week dozens of these people send us messages of appreciation for your efforts.
    We join these people in expressing our sincere appreciation for your efforts in reaching 100 completed indexing batches and recognize the significant contribution you are making to FamilySearch indexing.

     It's exciting to realize how much indexing I've done, though at the same time it doesn't seem like nearly as much as I could have done. I am, unfortunately, inconsistent in my indexing habits. I'll have to try a bit harder and see if I get an email at 200 batches!


Carol said...

Congrats and thank you!

S. Lincecum said...

Go, Valerie, go! I recently started indexing and admit it's an inconsistent habit for me as well. Must do better.


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