12 November 2010

Atlanta Family History Expo: Day 1

     I just got home from day one of the very first Atlanta Family History Expo. I'm dead tired and have a pounding headache, but I'm looking forward to ending tomorrow in the exact same condition!

Keynote Introduction by Holly Hansen

     I spent most of the day in classes, including ones on topics such as writing, vital records, southern land records, and church records. The classes were each an hour long, but felt like only half an hour. They were all jam-packed with information and I wish they'd been longer to fit more info. However, each class provided a syllabus with extra information and links. My mom and sister took some of the same classes as well as different ones. They also made an effort to visit all of the vendors - and so far I've only visited four.

     Tomorrow, I have two "must attend" classes (DAR & NARA), but will otherwise try to fulfill my "Blogger of Honor" duties, which I didn't do much of today. I'll be on the 9:30am Social Media Q&A panel, along with the other bloggers. Also, I will remember to bring my computer charger so that my computer won't die like it did today. I also had issues sending photos from my phone today. I tried to send two but they never arrived.... maybe tomorrow!

Above, me, in a class
Below, my mom and sister in the expo hall

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Ginger Smith said...

It was nice to meet you today. I didn't realize you lived in GA. That's great your Mom and Sister came too! See you at DAR and NARA tomorrow!


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