30 October 2010

Initial Results

     Yesterday I sat down with my dad's sisters, my Aunts June and Charlotte, for a genealogy interview. Before meeting them, I made research notebooks full of family group sheets and copies of original documents for each of them. I also prepared a small list of questions that I wanted to ask about our family history, as well as memories of their childhood. In the end, I recorded over four hours of conversation. Over the next few weeks, I'll edit the audio together into more streamline information and turn it into little videos. For now, here are a few facts I learned:
Charlotte & June Craft
  • My paternal grandmother had a family bible, but it was destroyed in house fire in the 1960s along with all other family possessions.
  • My Great-Aunt Ollie was married three times, not two times. 
    • My Aunt Charlotte has the obituary of Ollie's only child that died as a baby and we don't know any details about.
  • My aunts recounted what they knew of the tornado the family survived when they were toddlers.
  • My grandparents house sat on the county line. The front door was in Elbert County, but the bedroom was in Hart County, so my Aunts birth certificates state "Hart County."
  • Viewing Google Maps, we saw my Great-Grandparents house and a small country store that my aunts visited as children.
  • My Great-Grandfather Nathan Britt could pick cotton faster than anyone else alive.
    • Also, he was married a second time that I didn't know about 
  • My grandfather farmed cotton, raised chickens and had a cow and a goat for milk.
  • My Aunt June was married in February of 1961 and graduated high school two months later.
     These are some of the things I can remember off the top of my head right now. I'll be going through my notes and the audio to organize everything I learned.


Carol said...

Wonderful, cannot wait to read more!

Ruby Craft said...

Sounds like a fact-filled Friday. I know you all had a lot of fun sharing a you've learned and learning what they know. I'm glad you had a chance to visit with them both while your Aunt Charlotte was in town.

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Sounds like a very thorough interview, especially since you also sat down at the computer with them to view Google Maps! That was a great idea.


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