08 July 2012

Prepping for My Trip

     I'm on vacation, starting Monday.  I only have one genealogy themed activity planned, but most activities are history related.  I just got my new iPhone on Thursday and have been prepping it for my trip. A friend showed me how to create folders for my apps, so I created a 'Genealogy' folder, as well as a 'Navigation' folder.

My Navigation apps include:
  • Maps 
    • Maps Default
    • TeleNav GPS Plus
    • MapQuest
  • Destinations
    • Travel NC (my destination)
    • iExit
    • Parks Guide
    • Roadside
    • Oh Ranger! ParkFinder
My Genealogy apps include:
  • BillionGraves
  • Ancestry
  • 23andMe
  • Evernote
  • Blogger
  • iTalk
  • GA Marker 

     Does anyone have any suggestions for helpful apps for either category? For navigation apps, I'm especially interested in apps like 'Roadside' that help me find spur-of-the-moment attractions. For genealogy apps, anything that would help with recording visits to places or with family. I haven't had a chance to try all of these out yet, so any advice is welcome.

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