25 July 2012

An Albea autDNA Match

     I checked my mom's FamilyTreeDNA matches yesterday, sorting my date to view the newest matches. She had received 14 new matches on July 18th and one of them got me really excited.  She had a predicted 5th Cousin - Remote Cousin match with a Ms Hauch, who had Albea and Glaze listed in her surname list. This is the first time I've found a match with someone who shared the Albea name in their family tree.  Researching my mother's maiden name had been particularly difficult, so it's great to make this connection.  We are both descendants of Tilman Albea and Julia "July" Glaze.

      Here are the DNA segments that Ms Hauch shares with my Great-Aunt (3rd cousin), my mom and her brothers (3rd cousin, 1x removed) and me (3rd cousin, 2x removed). 

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