16 July 2012

Enter to Win an Ancestry.com Genealogy Kit

     Thanks to Ancestry.com, I have been given the chance to run a contest for my blog readers. A lucky winner will receive an Ancestry.com Genealogy Kit, consisting of a 6 month US Deluxe Membership to Ancestry.com and a copy of FTM 2012 for either Mac or PC  These two prizes combined allow genealogists to research and create a family tree on their desktop and simultaneously maintain that same family tree online at Ancestry.com.

     All you need to do is leave a comment, explaining what you hope to discover about your family history if you win the prize.  The deadline for entering the contest is Sunday, July 22nd at 11:59 pm est. The winner will be announced within 24 hours of that time.

     I encourage everyone to please share a link to this contest with their friends and on any social media sites.

Notice: I am a paying Ancestry.com subscriber. The option to run this contest was given to those designated as "Ancestry Aces" via email. In return for running this contest I will receive a copy of FTM for myself. Contest is not open to my relatives.


Randy Seaver said...

I hope to find more information on my ancestor Thomas J. Newton (ca 1795-ca 1840) in the historical records or the Ancestry family trees.

Thanks -- Randy Seaver (rjseaver@cox.net)

Gomunk said...

I am hoping to find out more information on my biological dad's side of the family (Atlanta, GA area), and more information on my materanal grandfather's dad that put him up for adoption after his mother died (eastern KY).

LukeTgr said...

I hope to uncover additional sources/relatives through which to determine valuable details on ancestors.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to work more on my father's side as well as my husband's side of the families. My biggest hope is to find information on the circumstances of my paternal great-grandfather's adoption.


Patti Browning said...

Oh! I hope to find that last link to get me to the father of my Samuel Browning (c1796-c1868). I 'think' he's John....and something is out there to prove it!

missham said...

I hope to be able to find my great grandmother or my husbands great grandmother. These women married many times and seems like a needle in a haystack

jkafka said...

I am stuck on several ancestors from the late 1700s and 1800s.


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