02 July 2012

FamilySearch Indexing Daily Stats

     Since 8pm est yesterday, I've indexed 560 names and arbitrated 760 names, all from the 1940 census.  As a whole, 5,412,976 names have been indexed and 2,276,204 have been arbitrated.

     The goal of 5 million names was reached 14 hours into the challenge. I'm thinking that we could actually reach 10 million names if everyone keeps up the hard work.

     But those number I mentioned above, you might wonder where those came from? FamilySearch is listing occasional updates on Facebook and Twitter, but you don't need to wait for them to know the numbers. You can check them out any time at https://indexing.familysearch.org/rss?listType=todaypage. And change "todaypage" to "yesterdaypage" to see the previous day's stats.  For comparison, yesterday 2.3 million names were indexed in a 24 hour period, versus the 5.4 million so far today (17 hours).

    Congrats and keep up the good work folks (and feel free to index some Georgia and South Carolina 1940 Census records!)

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