02 July 2012

Got My AncestryDNA Invite.... Er, Not Quite

     Happy dance! I got my invite for the new autosomal AncestryDNA test!  It's my last chance (when was my first chance?), today only.  And I have the money right now.  Yay!  Not.

     I got this error message when I clicked the link in the email.  I very quickly called customer support, which told me that I had received the invitation in error.  Error!? The rep on the phone seemed to know exactly what was going on, so I'm thinking that this has happened before. But he assured me that I was still on the list.

    Talk about going from high to low in zero seconds flat.  I'm super disappointed.  I kinda think that unless this email was sent out en masse to a few hundred thousand people that Ancestry.com should honor the invite they sent me. If it did go out to everyone they need to push through a retraction email pronto.

     UPDATE: I just got a phone call from an ancestry.com rep who said that the email had gone out to some folks in error but that since it was their error they offered to let me go ahead and purchase the test.  Yay! Thanks Ancestry.com!

     Here's the email I received:


Amanda said...

It does say "while availability lasts." Guess availability did not last.

John Boggess said...

I received the same response during the first round of invitations and was again unsuccessful (with a different error) on my first try in the second round, but succeeded the third time when I was able to get through when replying to the (second round) Final Reminder.

I'm guessing a random number generator is used to decide whether you win the AncestryDNA lottery, or perhaps it's just a Third Time's Charm sort of thing.

Best of luck trying again... and again... and again...

Ruby Craft said...

I'm so happy Ancestry called you back to let you know they would honor the original email and took your order. I know you have been waiting along time for this offer. I am looking forward to seeing the results.


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