25 November 2011

My Morning Tech Routine

     "What's your Morning Tech Routine?" This topic was pointed out to geneabloggers over at Geniaus, who saw it at ReadWriteWeb.

     I sometimes say I'm addicted to email. I could easily survive without Facbook, but I don't know what I'd do without the ability to check my email throughout the day. In fact, I often start my day by checking my email. My cell phone is my alarm clock and once I turn off the alarm I often click over to check my email accounts.

      After my morning shower I head to my computer to re-check my email, usually followed twitter and blog posts. Once I'm caught up on personal happenings I check the news, usually the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website followed by CNN. I probably won't check Facebook or Google+ unless I have an email notification.  Depending on whether I have to open or close at work that day, I might try and read a chapter on my Kindle or start my day with some online genealogy research.

     The rest of my day is equally filled with tech. I can't imagine how different my day would be without all the technology we have today.

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