03 November 2011

Me, In Elementary School

    I haven't been participating in the 52 weeks of personal genealogy this year, but thought I'd participate this week - mainly because I wanted to post some photos. This week's theme is Elementary School.

     I attended Kindergarten through second grade at Rebecca Minor Elementary in Lilburn, Gwinnett, Georgia. Some of my earliest memories are of kindergarten in Mrs. Wight's class. I was sooo scared to start school and stuck near the teacher and para-pro the first week.  I was partly scared because I was separated from my twin sister for the first time. She was in the classroom next door, but it seemed hundreds of miles away. Eventually I got into it though. I loved to read and do arts and crafts. Here's the class photo, I'm in the middle row, third from the right. I wonder if I'd even brushed my hair that day?

Here's my report card from that year, pretty good overall:

(A=Apply Concepts/Skills, E= Exploring Concepts/Skills)

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Amanda said...

Cool! Love the photo!


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