03 November 2011

Blurb: eBooks now available

     There are a bunch of different options for creating family history books. My favorite is Blurb, which lets me combine my text, documents and images into a quality product at a good price. I can purchase books to share with family, or give them a link and let them purchase their own copy.

     A few days ago I got an email from blurb with their latest update (they're always updating). Now, you can turn your creation into an ebook.
"Have you heard the news? Your books made with BookSmart and Bookify can now be transformed into beautiful ebooks for just USD $1.99. Show and share your books on your iPad, iPhone®, and iPod touch® using the iBooks® app and Blurb. Take a look, take your books electronic, and take them everywhere you go."
     Right now, ebooks are available for only Apple products but Blub says they are "hoping to offer other eReader options in the future."  This could be a great way to publish your family history books and share them with your family - for only $2.

a family history s...
By Valerie R. Craft

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Ruby Craft said...

I know you can show me your copy but if I want a copy of your ebook, how do I go around ordering one. I'm just asking because you know I will.


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