02 November 2011

Britt Kids (in the snow?)

    There's been a big snow storm up in the northeast and, though we didn't get any snow down here in the south, it's been colder than normal. This year's trick-or-treaters had to bundle up a little!  Here, we're all hoping for a mild winter after last years's snow/ice storm trapped us all inside for most of a week.

     Ok, but what does this have to do with genealogy? At a recent Barfield family reunion, I saw this photo for the first time:

Nathan Britt and Children

     At first I was excited to see a photo of my Great-Grandfather, Nathan Britt, with all four of his children.  But when I started looking at the photo I realized: it's snowing! I'm not sure where the family was living at the time, southern Emanuel County or the more northern Elbert County, Georgia. Either way, ground covering snow would have been rare; perhaps an event that occurred every five to ten years. And boy do they look unprepared! Only the youngest girl, Helen, has on a coat.  Burr!

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