23 November 2011

In The Kitchen: Chicken and Rice

     Dad made up this recipe, inspired by other recipes that combine chicken and rice. It's kind of a simple Chicken á la King, but he came up with the ingredient measurement himself through trial and error.  In part, it was created to feed picky young eaters.  If you recreate this recipe, you can add in anything you want: peas, carrots, mushrooms, etc. But I like it how it is.

2 14.5 can of chicken broth
1 and 1/3 cups rice
2 cans of Campbell's cream of chicken soup
1 and 1/2 tbs sugar
4.5 oz Swanson premium chicken breast

Cook rice in the 2 and 2/3 cup of chicken broth for 20 minutes.  Pour remaining broth in another large pot with cream of chicken, sugar and salt and pepper to taste, heat until hot. Drain the cans of chicken, the put the chicken on a plate and mash it with the flat of a knife to break up chunks. When rice is finished cooking, add half and one can of chicken and mix. Add remaining rice and chicken and mix. Sit for five minutes and done.

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