24 September 2010

I Want Sirius Black's Family Tree

     In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry visits his godfather, Sirius Black's, ancestral home. The walls in one of the rooms are devoted to the family tree, going back hundreds of years. Although Sirius' family is full of muggle hating, You-Know-Who supporters, with all the decent people blasted off... but I'm still envious. What genealogist wouldn't love to inherit this amount of history?

     As @GravestonedPug tweeted this evening, many of us have felt the urge to cover an entire wall of our living room, office or bedroom with "Super sticky Post-its, photos, push pins, string, maps..." My dream would be to paint an entire wall with Chalkboard Paint. I'd then paint on a swirly family tree chart that I could fill in with vital stats, documents and photos. Can we say ginormous family tree? Ahhh... bliss!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Perhaps when I build my dream home, I will have the blank canvas of my dreams, too; I imagine future buyers puzzled at the 12' x 12' expanse of wall. On some distant, 2150 episode of "If These Walls Could Talk" they'll find my finely-wrought penciled family tree beneath eighteen layers of wallpaper and paint, and the tree will be saved for future generations. Now, does ES Mills address proper sourcing on drywall?


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