05 September 2010

I'm Registered for the Expo

     Today I registered for the Atlanta Family History Expo. "Atlanta" is something of a misnomer, as the event is actually being held in Duluth, Georgia, 30 miles north east of Atlanta and 5 miles from my house (!!!). 

     I first found out about the expo back in the spring and have been waiting impatiently ever since, though I figured that I'd wait until closer to the event to register. Today my sister emailed to let me know that the agenda had (finally!) been posted, so it seemed like a good time to register. 

     Looking at the class list, I'm already finding classes that I'd like to attend. Right now the agenda is very sparse, but there eventually going to be over 100 classes to pick from.  The current schedule is mostly filled with Ancestry.com and Family Search classes, many of them centered on German Research. I'm looking forward to seeing more classes become available and planning my schedule. The expo hall should be awesome as well - there are over 170 vendor booths available for exhibitors.  

     I've been to two other expos at the Gwinnett Center before (scrapbooking & bridal). This is a rather large  complex with lots of (free) parking that's right off a major interstate. For out-of-towners, this area will be very easy to navigate. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in November! 


Unknown said...

Some of the classes sound very helpful and interesting.

Family History Expos said...

We are so glad you're coming to the Atlanta Family History Expo. We are adding classes to the agenda all the time. There will be many in each time slot by the time we're done.

Thank you for the mention in your blog and we'll see you in November!


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