27 September 2010

"And That's How We Got Married" - Amanuensis / Memory Monday

     My parents were married on 20 Oct 1978 in DeKalb County, Georgia. A little while back, I asked my mom to tell me what she remembered about her wedding.  Here's what she had to say:


Valerie: It's June 16th, 2010. Uh, this is Valerie Craft, talking to my mom, Ruby Albea Craft. I wanted to ask you a few questions about when you and Dad got married. Um, you know, about your wedding day and where it was, what'd you wear, how'd you feel, was anyone, you know, what guests you had. That sort of thing.
Ruby: Well, we didn't have any guests so I'll answer that one real easy. But, um, we um, had decided to get married, but we didn't want to have a big wedding, so we just went down to the courthouse and got married.
Valerie: Which courthouse?
Ruby: Uh, we went down to DeKalb Courthouse. And I remember we parted somewhere and we had to walk a-ways to find the, um, the courthouse. And we just went, and uh, you had to go and apply for your license. And then you had to wait a couple of days because you had to go get a blood test. So we went to, uh, DeKalb Hosp - uh, DeKalb Medical Center. And you could go into uh - through the emergency room, even though it wasn't an emergency. But that's where you went in through to get your blood test. And they do blood tests for marriage license. And then we had to wait to get the blood test back. And then you had to take the blood test to a doctor, to get the doctor to sign off on it, for some reason. Even though he's not the one that did the blood test. And uh, then you have to take all that down to the, uh, Courthouse. 
     And so when we took all that down to the Courthouse and we got our license. And then, uh, we asked them, they said there was a judge there in the building, that we could just go to the judge's chambers and get married there. So that's what we did. And uh, we just had a very private ceremony. I just wore a skirt and uh, little um, summer top, and your dad was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt . Which is what he usually wears for everything. And uh, we got married and we were very happy and, uh, just really excited. And it was just a beautiful day. And uh, it was October but it wasn't cold. And uh, that's how we got married: we just went down to the courthouse and got married.

     I also asked my Dad what he remembered about their wedding.  In his usually taciturn way, he simply stated that they had gone down to the courthouse and got married. However, he did surprise my by being able to remember the outfit that my mom was wearing.

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