22 September 2010

FamilyTree DNA - Population Finder

     FamilyTree DNA has added the Population Finder feature to their Family Finder DNA test. According to their FAQs, the Population Finder matches your DNA against samples from different ethnic groups to match you to seven different continental groups.  Inside those groups are a small number of subgroups (ie Europe could be divided into Northeastern, Southeastern, Russian, etc).  This new feature was announced a while ago, but had been pushed back. I was very excited when I saw that my results had been posted, but in the end found my results to be rather anticlimactic: 100% European.  I don't even have a European subgroup... But, this is still a Beta program. I hope that as the program grows, I might see more detailed results.

     Here are my results:

1 comment:

Mavis said...

Reminds me that I need to check on my father's results. Wondering if they will be similar to the 23andme results.


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