04 July 2008

Photo wealth

I've just come into a wealth of borrowed photos. My Granny's house is being put up for sale and the family is emptying it out. My Aunt June knew that I was interested in any photos, so she put them all aside for me to borrow and scan.

Well, there are hundreds of photos, many of them loose and in no way chronological. The photos range from a few years ago to 70 years ago. There are some that I've seen before and many others that I have not.

I think that first I need to organize them, probably chronologically. Then I'll start scanning them. If I don't organize them first, I'll end up with a jumbled mess... much the same as I have now.

Maybe once I get them scanned I can create CDs to send out to other family members.

It's sad though, to find baby pictures of myself that we gave to our grandparents, that once again belong to us now that their recipients have passed on.

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