07 July 2008

Family Tree Magazine - Sept issue

I received my September issue of FTM today. On the cover is a note about an article called, "How to Preserve Family Bibles." Since I want to preserve our falling-apart-at-the-seams family Bible, this caught my eye. I quickly flipped to the article - but boy was I disappointed.

The article was about half a page, but with the "fun" text formating and photos, was really less than a quarter of the page - four paragraphs. And the paraphrased content: Don't try to repair it yourself, but hire a pro. Or, just stick it in an archival safe box.

This article is an example of why I'm going to let my subscription run out. Articles about preservation, that could be filled with lots of information about preserving books (they do give links to buy archival safe supplies, but that's it) but it's not. My Bible's in a box. I thought I'd find the "what next" information here and I didn't. I'm just supposed to let the book rot in a box. Great to know. How about tips on how to physically handle the book? What conditions are best for preservation? But no, nothing.... But hey - there's a whole page about vintage shoes!

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