23 July 2008

World Archives Project at Ancestry.com

From me, to ancestry.com support:
"I just received an invitation to participate in the World Archives Project. When I went to download the software I found out that this program is only for Windows. I'm very disappointed that ancestry is, once again, ignoring their non-windows users. I participate in Family Search's volunteer indexing program using my mac - why can't I participate in yours?

Other non-windows concerns:
-I can't upload gedcoms in Safari
-I can't always change trees in Safari
-FTM is not available for mac users

I hope that you are seriously considering fixing these issues."

From ancestry.com support to me:
"Thank you for your feedback.

I have forwarded your suggestion on to the development team.

Thank you,


As a customer service response, it leaves much to be desired. Maybe, "we value macintosh users" or "we hope to soon have a program available for our mac users," etc. But nope, nothing. Don't I feel that my response has had an effect.... not really.

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