09 July 2008

at the library

Today Mom & I went down to the Fulton County Library, Central Branch. This branch has a genealogy special collections section up on the fifth floor. I'd done a little bit a little bit of research before going and hoped to find some information on my Elbert County, GA ancestors. Unfortunately, aside from a few marriage records, I didn't find much on this side of the family.

However, I did find some interested information on some Atlanta ancestors. Mom pursued the Atlanta City Directories for our Waters family ancestors. Some things we discovered:
  • Leverett & Louise & their family never lived in the same house two years in a row!
  • Ruby Waters Huyler Whitfield Huyler stayed with her first married name from her marriage in 1930 through to 1936. She was married to Cecil Whitfield by the time the 1937 directory was published. But, by 1948 she had remarried her first husband and was again Mrs. Ruby Huyler. (we never really knew the dates for her second marriage and subsequent remarriage to her first husband).
  • The sisters Ruby & Alma Waters were living with their parents in 1931 - even though I can't find them in the 1930 census. Alma was married and not listed with her husband and Ruby is not yet married.
I hope to go back soon to pursue more directories. The only limitation: $12 parking and 60 miles there and back is mucho gas $$$.

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