18 May 2008

spending money

Genealogy is one expensive hobby. So far this year I've spent: 

$200 - Ancestry.com World Subscription
$271 - DNA Test
$8 - Footnote one month subscription
$10 - GenealogyBank one month subscription
$58 - Ancestry.com Family History Book
$12 - South Carolina Death Certificate
$505 - feeding the hobby

So, that's lots of money.... I took the hit on the ancestry subscription, but I used my economic stimulus check to buy the DNA test - there's no way I would have spent that money otherwise.

I just ordered the Family History Book today. I've been working on it for months now and I've just finished it. Although I don't know if it would ever be finished. I meant to order it back in April, when they had a coupon for mother's day. They now have a coupon for father's day (free leather cover with code: 'DAD2008' . I figured if I didn't buy the book now, I might never. I've got my fingers crossed that it turns out awesome.

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