16 May 2008

magic of video

My mom recently showed me a video the other day of the Albea Family Reunion in Greenwood, SC on 24 June 1989. Although the video was made by someone who didn't know much about filming and I don't know most of the folks in the video it's still great to have. My grandparents, Roy & Betty (huyler) Albea are in the video. It was a bit shocking to hear my grandaddy's voice - a voice I haven't heard since his death in 2005. 

One of the best parts of the video is when the 'first cousins' get together for a photo. These are the grandchildren of William and Nina (sprouse) Albea. I'm not sure who everyone is, but I can see my grandaddy and my aunts (say it the south carolina way: "aint")

Here's the photo and some of the video of the photo session:
Family Reunion

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