18 May 2008

Home Movies

Part of the Albea Family Reunion 1989 was a recording of some old home movies from the 1950s (ish?). They feature my great-great grandmother, Nina Sprouse Albea and her daughter Martha Albea Faulkner and her husband, John Hoyt Faulkner. There's also another person in the video - maybe a grandson of Nina?

It was pretty neat to see such old home movies and to have recognized individuals in the movie. There's another set of folks in the movie that I don't recognize. They're Albea family members - the men all bear a resemblance to my granddady, who looked amazingly like his father, Charles Vernon Albea. But who they are specifically? Who knows. If you think you might recognize anyone on this family line, let me know and I can upload the other part of the home movie.

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