28 May 2008

Monday Memories

The Pink Easter Dress (circa. 1963)
When I was a little girl, there weren't a lot of place to go shopping, as far a clothes goes. There was Rich's, which is now Macy's, and then we had a new mall... they built a new mall - it was Columbia mall and they had a Sears there. So... and Sears had also what was called a Davidson's - I mean the Columbia Mall had a Davidson's too. But, Sears is where my mom took me shoppin for my Easter dress.

So, this particular year, the one that she found she really liked. And it was on sale and it was a good price and everything. And I thought it was really pretty too. And it was a pink dress and it had layers to it, so it had the.... the different layers. And it had this pretty little white jacket that went with it and it just looked adorable. But they didn't have it in my size. And mom and the sales rep... lady looked all over tryin' to find one in our size, but they just didn't have one. And then, all the sudden, Momma asked her about the one on the mannequin - what size that was. And the mannequin was up on top of the rack, so it wasn't like they could get to it real easy, but she found out it was a size 10, which is the size that they needed for me. So they undressed the mannequin and I got to try it on and it fit perfect. And it just looked... I just looked... Momma thought I just looked so pretty in it and it was just perfect for me. So she got the dress, and so she... of course we take it home and put it up and everything.

So then, unfortunately, I had a growing spurt and I kept growing. And I was just growing and growing and growing. Momma got upset with me on day and she said, "You're gonna have to stop growing you're gonna outgrow your easter dress."

So, sure enough come Easter, I didn't actually outgrow, but it was a little sho... a little shorter than what normally I was allowed to wear, during that time period. But we've got a picture of me in the pink dress, but I'm not wearing the jacket. So, I don't know if maybe I outgrew the jacket part, or if I just got somethin' spilt on it or if it was just really hot and I just wasn't wearin' my jacket whenever the picture was taken.

But that was always a big thing for us, was to have a new outfit to wear for easter.

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