24 May 2008

my take on the whole LDS/Catholic Records thing

So, a few weeks ago there was a big announcement by the Catholic Church, in which they stated that they would not make their records available to the LDS Church. This is due to the LDS tradition of baptizing the dead. I have to assume that some sort of talks took place but no resolution could be settled for the Catholic church to make such an extreme decision. 

Looking at forum posts and other feedback about this online, I'm very surprised about the downright selfishness of genealogists. Almost every comment I've seen attacks the Catholic Church's decision and calls them selfish. I just don't get it. This is about LDS church members refusing to respect another religion's practices & traditions. Because they continued to baptize Catholics after death, the Catholic Church did what it felt they needed to do to protect their church members. These records belong to the Catholic Church and they have the right to do with them what they will.

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