01 September 2012

Lora and Otis' Confusing Marriage

     I'm working on filling in some details on the collateral lines of my Barfield family tree. I've been searching online newspaper records for vital record announcements and found a few about my Great-Great Aunt, Lora Myrtice Barfield Neal. The records I've found, combined with other records, have gotten me pretty confused.

     First, I found a marriage announcement in The Augusta Chronicle:

*     *     *
     Mrs. W. L. Barfield of Graymont, Ga., announces the marriage of her daughter Lora to J. Otis Neal on August 4. The marriage was solemnized in Aiken, S. C. with Judge J. E. Parker officiating. The bride and goom will be at home to friends at 416 Crawford avenue.

     Lora's mom reported her marriage in 1938 and the couple lived at 416 Crawford Ave, presumably in Augusta, Georgia. I do find it interesting that they were married in Aiken, and not Augusta.

     Next, I found an obituary for Lora and Otis' infant daughter:

NEAL - Died at the residence, 416 Crawford Avenue, June 14, 1941, at 12 a. m., Elizabeth Neal, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Neal. Prayer services will be conducted at the graveside in West View cemetery this (Saturday) afternoon at 4 o'clock. Elliott Sons, in charge.

     It was very sad to find this obituary, but it did provide some information.  The couple were still at 416 Crawford Ave and their daughter was buried at West View Cemetery. I don't currently know where Lora is buried, so this might be a clue.

     These two documents combined also tell me that Lora and Otis should be living at the Crawford Ave address during the 1940 Census. And this is where it gets confusing. Here's the 1940 Census for that address:

     It's the Neal family at the correct address. And there's Otis. But there's no mention of Lora and Otis is listed as single.  It's even more confusing because Lora is not with her mother either: 

     So what happened between the marriage announcement in 1938 and the death of their infant in 1941? Where was Lora in 1940? Any Barfield cousins reading this who have any answers?

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Joan said...

These are the stories that keep one over the facts, or lack thereof, until the wee hours of the morning. Hope those cousin show up with some answers.


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