30 August 2012

Who Were the Children?

Waters/Smith Children

     This is a photo from my maternal grandmother's collection. She wasn't sure who these children were, but had been told that the oldest child (in the middle holding the youngest) was her Aunt Alma Waters.

     So who are the other children? I'd guess that the child identified as Alma might be about 3 years old? If so, that would place the photo at about 1909. Alma's next youngest sibling, who lived beyond infancy, was five years younger than she was and was not yet born. Thus, if Alma is correctly identified, these cannot be her siblings.

     It's highly possible that the other children were Alma's cousins. The two youngest look too close in age to be siblings anyway. Alma's father, Leverett had some nieces and nephews the right age through his sister: Claude (abt 1907), Annie May (abt 1909). Alma's mother had some nieces and nephews the right age though here brother's and sister's: Maudie (abt 1908), Foster (abt 1907), Robert (abt 1908).  If the photo is a bit older, there are even more options.

     It's impossible to tell the gender of any of the children. I have another photo, dated late 1910, in which a male child is wearing an almost identical gowns and a three year old little girl has close cropped hair.

     It's pretty much a given that I'm never going to positively identify these children, but if anyone spots any clues, feel free to comment.

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Julie Cahill Tarr said...

Sure is a beautiful photograph!


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