18 September 2012

Another Albea DNA Match!

     I woke up yesterday to an email from a Family Tree DNA match, telling me that we were related through the Albea family.  The match, Patricia, was the Great-Great Granddaughter of Tilman Albea and Julia Glaze. This couple were my Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents, which makes us 3rd cousins, 2x removed.

     Patricia shares DNA with me, my mom, my half-brother, one uncle, and my great aunt. She does not match the other uncle that I tested.

     Here you can see the DNA segments (of at least 5 cM) that my mom (right) and I (left) share with the match. Mom and Patricia are 3rd cousins, 1x removed. They share an extra segment on the 15th chromosome that I don't have.


     Here's the DNA my Great-Aunt Ree shares with Patricia. They are 3rd cousins, but actually share less DNA than Patricia shares with mom and I, who are more distant cousins.  The DNA she shares is consistent on the 8th chromosome, but otherwise different from what Patricia shares with my mom and I.  Thus, my mom's father must have had more and different segments of DNA in common with Patricia in order to pass it on to my direct line.

     This is the second match that I have found in which our most recent common ancestors were Tilman and Julia Albea.  I want to compare what segments of DNA each of the matches shares with my family and see if there's any DNA in common.

     This is a closeup of my Mom's 8th chromosome. The blue segments represent the DNA she shares with Patricia and the orange is the DNA she shares with our other Albea match.  They share a small, exactly similar, 3.24 cM segment of DNA with each other and with my mom.  I'm excited to see the DNA we have in common.  This was a difficult family to research and these DNA matches are helping to back up my paper trail.

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